Mental Health

The mental health benefits of working with animals are well documented. They provide a valuable opportunity to socialise, care for and nurture. Furthermore, they also offer people a valuable distraction from the boredom and anxiety of daily life.

What are the Benefits of Helping Animals

Studies have shown that petting animals result in lower anxiety levels, a slower heart rate and less muscle tension. It also lowers stress hormones because the fun and silliness of animals make us laugh and forget our problems. Caring for animals gives people a sense of purpose and responsibility. It makes people feel wanted, less depressed and isolated just by being able to interact and care.

It is also more likely that people helping with pets are more active because they must attend to the animal or to take it for a walk. Animals also need attending to in the morning which is a difficult time for many people trying to wake up. Getting the dog food or water or walking an animal are just some of the reasons why animals can help people with their mental health

The benefits of helping animals are more profound then most people think and the reasons are very simple. Just like humans, they require the same kind of care and interaction as we do.